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The History

In the 1990's, it became very obvious that there was a significant void for an alternative choice to the traditional 58 facet round diamond. Diamond vendors and jewelry stores developed many different ways to try to create information for the consumer to evaluate the differences in round diamonds. This constant effort to create separation caused uncertainty and confusion for the consumer. These dynamics and the continued struggle for differentiation are ultimately what triggered the Star 129 project.

Since it's beginning in 2000, I, Bob Forster, have been personally involved with the Star 129 project. That is when we first started experimenting in overseas cutting factories with various modifications to the traditional 58 facet diamond to create a more brilliant round diamond. We wanted to make modifications that would create such a visual distinction that the difference could be seen with the naked eye and not require special viewing conditions or instruments. That was our goal!

The Diamond Cutters were told to focus their efforts on solitaires weighing between .50ct and 3ct because most engagement diamonds fall into this range. The diamond cutters ultimately discovered that for solitaires in this range there should be a minimum of 100 total facets to achieve a discernable difference. The cutters also concluded that the additional facets should be added to the pavilion or bottom of the diamond to maximize light return.

Star 129 filed for an official patent for its' unique cut in 2002 and was granted a patent in 2004. The Star 129 diamond was introduced to only fine independent jewelers in 2003. It has never been our intention to flood the market with the Star 129, which is why there are a limited number of fine jewelers across the country that carry the diamond.

The Result
Each Star 129 performs wonderfully for brilliance and fire and extraordinarily for scintillation.

The Star 129 guarantee
No matter what color, clarity or carat weight you select, a Star 129 diamond guarantees you'll have the most scintillating diamond on the market.